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Please use this form to book your Platform 3 study place with Course Beetle.
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(we need to ask your date of birth because it is a mandatory requirement when registering you for your CACHE Award)

Study Support Arrangements

In order to complete this Award, you need to have the support of an organisation which will ensure you have the appropriate clearance and time and opportunity to be able to complete activities and observations within an appropriate setting.

Payment Arrangements

Note: for self-funders, we will accept payment in instalments. This must start with a payment of £150 to be received before access to Platform 3 is granted. Please select option 4 if you would like to discuss a payment plan with us.

Payment Contact Details

(if self funding enter SELF for all form fields)

Enrolment arrangements

Students whose fees have been paid can be enrolled onto Platform 3 as soon as they have completed a mandatory pre-course survey and taken an induction. This survey is designed by The Communication Trust and is not a test. It is however an essential part of the programme. You are also required to complete interim and post-course surveys. If you are self-funding, and a payment plan has been agreed, you may start as soon as your initial payment has been received and the pre-course survey and induction has been completed.

Background and prior experience

Additional information

Once you submit your application it will be considered by our enrolment team as soon as possible. Thank you for booking with Course Beetle.