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The current evidence base for speech interventions – Dr Helen Stringer

“Helen is an excellent teacher, I was looking forward to the course and it was very useful and will encourage me to better practice.”

“Will be able to use so much of this to feedback to team and consider ways to change how we work – very exciting and incredibly useful.”

“Excellent day. As someone currently looking at re-designing our service’s speech care pathway, I found it really useful. Thank you very much.”

“This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for – the content couldn’t be more relevant.”

Makaton Safeguarding

“Great course, very informative. Going back to my school with lots of ideas about going forward with Makaton. Great new signs and symbols.”

“Will now use Makaton symbols when discussing sexual health and relationships. I feel I know how to progress with the children’s learning.”

“Feel this course has opened the door to the next steps – as a family and helping other people learning Makaton. Will trigger lots of discussion re ideas for school to embrace hopefully!”

“Venue was great and in a central/convenient location. Trainer was friendly and approachable. Really useful course with lots of appropriate and much needed vocabulary.”

“Really informative. I have learnt a lot. Will take away a great deal of knowledge that I did not have before.”

General Makaton Training

“Loved it! Shocked I learned so much in such little time. Will be in touch soon for the next course!

“Great course. Will be of great value to my childcare setting. Looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice. Thank you!”

“Thank you. A fantastic course.”

“A really relaxed learning environment – and all information can be used straight away.”

An introduction to working with children and young people who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH) and Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

“Very thorough research evidence which has been fantastic.”

“The link between theory and implication was helpful.”

“It was a good balance of group talking and listening. It’s really useful to hear other people’s stories and experiences.”

“It’s been brilliant, really interesting, informative and entertaining!”

“Fab, inspirational day. Thank you. Gave me a lot to think about and read up on. Thank you for emailed reference list.”

“Thank you – lots of food for thought and things to follow up. Feeling excited and inspired.”

“Very thorough course. The day met all of my expectations and I feel well prepared to begin my new role with young people with SEMH.”


“It is great to have some quality courses put on in the North of England and Midlands. It was nice having a small number of people on this training as it made it feel very interactive and easy to ask questions/contribute to workshops. Members of my team have attended a few of your courses and feel they have been really useful and well run.”

“The day was an excellent event. This is the first course I have attended run by Course Beetle and the organisation around it was excellent. All the information I needed was provided clearly and in a timely manner, which meant that I had no worries about finding the venue. I really liked the friendly and approachable feel to the service. Many Thanks for a great day.”

“Many thanks for the training provided on Friday. The feedback from the staff is that they really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. The course content was delivered very well. A good mixture of slides and role play. I attended the course myself and was pleased with the interaction from our staff.”

The current Evidence base for speech and language interventions for Developmental Language Disorder – Dr Susan Ebbels

“Great delivery and content very useful. Use of visuals helped my understanding of levels of research. Small group worked nicely – able to share ideas and resources.”

“I thought that the content of the course was excellent and ticked a lot of boxes for me in terms of learning outcomes. I felt that the discussions were very useful and I took a lot away from the course -ideas to feedback and ideas to put into practice.”

“A brilliant day. Well and clearly presented. So thorough yet accessible – and a real support in terms of guidelines for best practice.”

CPD Masterclass – Autism

“A really thought provoking and interesting day thank you.”

“Excellent at shifting my way of thinking and reinforcing my existing knowledge. Good balance of learning and activities.”

“Really challenging my thoughts, especially about how autism fits into current practice within health and the focus on diagnosis.”

“Interesting to think about ‘how autistic are you/ is your child?’ rather than autistic vs non autistic.”

“New learning for me around my perception of somebody’s anxiety. Will also try new approach in form of a signed agreement as discussed. Very informative and I will take what I have learned back to the staff team.”

Selective mutism advanced Masterclass

“This course has been immeasurably useful – it has given me such an insight and strategies to support a child with SM.”

“Very enjoyable. I feel confident to go forward and make some real changes to my practice. It will really make a difference to my caseload.”

“Fantastic theory / practical application mix. Group discussion sparked more ideas / considerations.”

“I found it helpful to access the 3rd day after processing the first 2 days (which I attended a few months ago).”

“Really enjoyed and benefitted from Maggie’s presentation style – not rigidly following Powerpoint – lots of practical examples – really helpful.”

Supporting Children and Young People’s Speech Language and Communication via Platform 3

“After completing the course I feel more confident in my ability to work with children with SLCN and identifying those that may need support.”

“My personal tutor was brilliant, always there when needed and very quick to respond to any questions I had. Work was marked very quickly and feedback was always positive.”

“I am so happy I did this qualification and feel much more informed about speech and language and definitely more interested in continuing a career in it after doing this. It was a great experience and the support I received was great.”

“I am so much more informed now and feel happy taking a lead at work, and talking to speech and language therapists as I have an idea of what the child may need help with.”

“My tutor was very easy to talk to and get a hold of, she was always replying and always gave in depth feedback, telling me what I did well as well as any improvements.”

“If you’re interested in speech and language this is definitely a good place to start. The support and information you’ll receive is so beneficial.”

Talking Mats

“I really enjoyed this course. It was really well presented and I look forward to using my knowledge when I return to my workplace. Thank you very much.”

“Practical parts and videos were all very helpful and made the training fun.”

“Practical element was key to ‘bring it all together’. Group planning especially helpful.”

“Have really improved my knowledge on using Talking Mats with purpose and accuracy.”

“Brilliant tool in assessment/therapy and sessions in general as I’ve learnt about how adaptable it is.”