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Hodson’s Cycles Approach

Enhancing and Evaluating Phonological and Metaphonological Skills of Children with Highly Unintelligible Speech - Online

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Hodson’s Cycles Approach

Enhancing and Evaluating Phonological and Metaphonological Skills of Children with Highly Unintelligible Speech - Online

What is this course?

Join us for a day of engagement and exploration as you enhance your knowledge of Hodson’s Cycles Approach. With a focus on children with severely impaired phonological systems, you will learn techniques for expediating intelligibility gains, including identification of phonological deviations, selection of optional target patterns, and specific information regarding treatment. Because children with highly unintelligible speech frequently experience difficulties in the domain of early literacy, information about assessment and enhancing metaphonological skills will be discussed. Additionally, assessment results and outcome data for preschool clients along with video clips will be provided to exemplify evidence-based practices. Moreover, information related to working with children who are bilingual as well as special populations will be discussed.

Start date Wednesday 3 February 2021

Further date/s Thursday 4 February 2021

Time 1:30pm – 5:00pm (UK time)

Location Online

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Course presenter: Lesley C. Magnus


A certified speech-language pathologist in both Canada and the USA. She is a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Minot State University, North Dakota. Dr. Magnus presently teaches graduate classes in applied phonology, cleft lip and palate, and assessment in speech-language pathology, as well as supervising in the University communication disorders clinic. Her professional interests and work research lie in the areas of phonology, clefting, and language disorders in children where she has directed numerous student thesis research projects. After 15 years of clinical work in pediatric speech language pathology, Dr. Magnus computed her Doctor of Philosophy in Communications Disorders and Sciences at Wichita State University under the guidance of Dr. Barbara Hodson and Dr. Carol Westby. Her doctoral dissertation study focused on phonological aspects of speech of children born with clefting anomalies.

Dr. Magnus regularly presents at local, state/provincial, and national forums. She has been faculty advisor for the Minot Chapter of NSSLHA, as well as past president of the Saskatchewan Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Minot State University.

Course presenter: Raul Prezas


Associate Professor in the Department of Human Services at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. He has several years of clinical experience as a speech-language pathologist in the university, public school, and home health settings; particularly working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations and their families. In collaboration with his doctoral mentor, Dr. Barbara Hodson, Dr. Prezas adapted the Cycles Approach for bilingual populations, particularly Spanish-English Speakers. His interests include speech disorders, phonological development, bilingual/multicultural assessment and treatment, working with children with highly unintelligible speech, phonological treatment models/outcomes, school-based issues, working with underrepresented students, and epistemological beliefs. In addition to publications in several journals, including the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, Dr. Prezas has written book chapters and articles related to interest areas, including monolingual and bilingual phonological acquisition, selective mutism, autism, fluency disorders, and culturally and linguistically diverse children.

Why attend this course?

This course provides a thorough understanding of Hodson’s Cycles Approach to evaluating and enhancing speech of highly unintelligible children. Those who attend with be able to:

  1. Describe typical phonological acquisition in young children
  2. Identify major phonological and Metaphonological deficiencies of children with highly unintelligible speech
  3. Determine optimal treatment targets to facilitate the development of phonological and Metaphonological skills
  4. Select appropriate tasks for enhancing children’s phonological and metaphonological skills
  5. Describe the relationship of phonological awareness to phonological development and literacy
  6. State underlying concepts for intervention
  7. Make adaptations for school schedules, children with bilingual phonologies, and children with special populations


Who is this course for?

This course is for qualified speech and language therapists and speech and language therapy students.

Course topics

Day 1: Lesley Magnus

Part 1:

  • Phonology and intelligibility
  • Major considerations
  • Phonological Deviations

Part 2:

  • Phonological Intervention

Part 3:

  • Metaphonology/Literacy
  • Special Populations
Day 2: Raul Prezas

Part 4:

  • Bilingual Phonology and Intelligibility
  • Bilingual Considerations

Part 5:

  • Bilingual Cycles Approach

Part 6:

  • Group Intervention
  • Case Examples


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