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Makaton is a Language Programme using speech, signs and symbols to help communication. Learning Makaton is not only fun and enjoyable, it is a skill for life which can help break down barriers, and build up confidence in communicating with those that need an extra helping hand to join in.

Makaton is super-flexible and can be adapted to bridge gaps in communication regardless of age. Makaton can help young children, older children and adults needing a helping hand with communication. It can help bridge the gap between one language and another and also help those whose speech or language has been affected by injury, stroke or dementia.

No matter where you live in the UK, Course Beetle will work with you to help you access training.

Makaton can help families, friends, carers, educators and services that want to extend a warm communication friendly welcome to all. The best way to learn Makaton is by attending a workshop – to find out more about Makaton training or to get in touch, follow the links at the end of this page.

Would you love to to get a taster of what Makaton is all about and have a go alongside other Makaton Newbies?

Do you urgently need to learn Makaton to help you communicate with a loved one or a person you support at work?

Would you love to get official certification for attending Makaton Training, either at your place of work or in your own time, in the day or an evening?

Do you lead or manage people who work with individuals with communication difficulties and want them to be inspired empowered and more skilful as communicators?
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