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Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme (NDP3®) - Module 3-4 online training course - 4th - 5th July 2022

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Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme (NDP3®) - Module 3-4 online training course - 4th - 5th July 2022

What is this course?

The NDP3 treatment approach is currently one of two interventions with the strongest evidence for use with children with developmental verbal dyspraxia/childhood apraxia of speech. This online course will be presented by UK expert, Dr Pam Williams FRCSLT.

This online course is accessible as a two or four module option. Those attending for the two modules only option will learn current evidence-based information about developmental verbal dyspraxia/childhood apraxia of speech and the NDP3 assessment procedure and intervention approach, so they can use NDP3 effectively within their clinical practice. Modules three and four build on the first two modules and will offer a deeper look at NDP3 and allow clinicians to practise using NDP3, through a series of supported assessment, treatment planning and goal setting exercises, as well as the opportunity to raise clinical queries and to problem solve case management issues.

To take Modules 3-4 you will be expected to have completed Modules 1-2 or equivalent – please contact for further information.

Start date Monday 4 July 2022

Further date/s Tuesday 5 July 2022

Time 9:30am - 12:30pm (UK Time)

Location Online

Fee Module 3-4 = £99 (Online Card Payments) -£120 (Offline Payment, if your organisation requires an invoice or a quote)

Discounts available

Student and SaLT returners to work £50

Course presenter: Dr Pam Williams FRCSLT

Speech and Language Therapist and Honorary lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Williams retired from her clinical post as Consultant Speech & Language Therapist at the Nuffield Hearing and Speech Centre, in December 2017, after more than 30 years’ service. Pam was involved in creating the original Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme (NDP), published in 1985, and co-edited the current NDP (3rd edition) with her colleague Hilary Stephens. She has lectured widely in UK, Ireland, Europe & Australia, and continues to run training workshops on the subject of NDP and developmental verbal dyspraxia/childhood apraxia of speech.

Pam was a member of the working party who produced the RCSLT Policy Statement on Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia, published in November 2011 and is a former chair of the UK Dyspraxia Foundation Charity. She was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists in 2013, and is a current member of the Child Speech Disorder Research Network for UK and Ireland.

Why attend this course?

Why sign up for modules three and four?
• You want to focus more on applying NDP3 to your clinical practice
• You want to spend time trying out practical case study exercises with the support of a knowledgeable tutor
• You want to problem-solve case management issues

Who is this course for?

Owing to the specialist technical nature of this course, eligibility is restricted to Speech Pathologists/Speech and Language Therapists/SLPs, ie those who are able to undertake diagnostic assessments. We will also accept speech and language therapy students on this course.

Course topics

Course topics Modules Three and Four:
• how to analyse a child’s data in detail following the NDP3 Assessment guidance, to produce a case profile.
• how to create short- and longer-term treatment plans for specific cases utilising NDP3 methodology and how to apply these in therapy sessions.
• how to identify immediate needs, set general and specific treatment goals, select stimuli and resources to use in therapy and monitor progress.

What people are saying about this course

I liked how the presenter used her extensive experience and knowledge to speak so confidently about CAS/ NDP-3. And the fact that it was live and not recorded. It was also nice to have an international audience of SLPs and being able to hear about other’s experience of assessing and treating children with CAS.

I liked the balance of the theory, video examples and practical activities. Pam’s presenting style was also very good – great pace, lots of information (but not too much!) and very approachable, I felt happy to ask questions if I had any.

I loved everything about this course. Lovely to meet Pam and the fact that it was so accessible being online felt like I was sitting right in front of her from the comfort of my own home. I enjoyed the pace of the course, the videos and the practical application of treatment planning. I liked also how we could still split up into groups on the course. Loved meeting other SLT’s from all parts of the world.


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Course Manual

The prices quoted include access to the course handouts. Participants must also have a copy of the NDP3 Training manual at hand throughout attendance of the course.  This manual is part of the full NDP3 Programme so If you already have a copy of the ring-bound NDP3 Therapy Manual from 2012 or later you don’t need to purchase this item.

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Please Note: The above booking link will take you to our secure booking system where you can view more details and payment options.