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Selective Mutism Masterclass - for parents and professionals - Online - FULLY BOOKED - FURTHER DATES AVAILABLE

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Selective Mutism Masterclass - for parents and professionals - Online - FULLY BOOKED - FURTHER DATES AVAILABLE

or consider our View Anytime course – click here

What is this course?

Our Advanced, Masterclass level training presented by leading UK expert, Maggie Johnson is designed to offer professionals in-depth training which will support them in their work with children and young people who have selective mutism. Parents are also welcome and will find the course particularly valuable when accompanied by a practitioner or mentor who is working with their child.

Participants on this course will study the nature and causes of selective mutism, differential diagnosis, theoretical frameworks and evidence-based intervention strategies.

This online course is broken into modules.  The full course is studied over 6 mornings in March 2022.   When booking you can select your own preferred study package to meet your requirements:

  • Module 1 = An essential introduction for families and professionals supporting individuals with selective mutism.
  • Module 1-2 = The Core Course, this option is the recommended minimum for applicants seeking a thorough coverage of essential topics
  • Module 1-3 = The Extended Core is a progression for applicants working with older children
  • Module 3 = For applicants working with older children who have previously attended the core training
  • Modules 1,2,4 = Bespoke selection for younger children skipping module 3
  • Module 4 only = A specialist progression for those who have previously attended earlier modules
  • Modules 1-4 = The full course and our most popular booking option

The participant manual for this course is the Routledge publication ‘The Selective Mutism Resource Manual’ second edition (2016) which participants are responsible for purchasing prior to the course. We are able to supply a discount code on application if the link below no longer provides a 20% discount.

Purchase the Selective Mutism Resource Manual here

Start date Wednesday 16 March 2022

Further date/s Thursday 17th March, Friday 18th March, Wednesday 23rd March, Thursday 24th March, Friday 25th March 2022

Time 9:30am - 12.45 pm (Please Note Module 3 will be 9.30am - 1.00pm)

Location Online

Fee Online Payment/Offline Payment
Module 1 - £108/£120
Module 1-2 = £144/£162
Module 1-3 = £192/216
Modules 1,2,4 = £240/£270
Module 3-4 = £144/£162
Module 3 only = £54/£60
Module 4 only = £108/£120
Module 1-4 = £288/£324

Discounts available

Book 2 or more places on the Full Course and a 15% discount is automatically applied.

We support students, parents and speech and language therapists who need to access training for their return to practice on a discretionary basis for this course. Please use our Reserve a Place form to contact us about your situation and the sessions you would like to attend, and we will be in touch to outline any ways in which we can help.

Course presenter: Maggie Johnson FRCSLT

Speech and language therapy specialist and advisor; Fellow of the Royal College of Speech and Language therapists

Maggie Johnson is widely recognised as a UK expert in selective mutism and has contributed to the Primary National Strategy for children with special educational needs (DfES 2005) and Communicating Phonics (The Communication Trust 2012).

Her publications include Helping Children Hang On To Your Every Word and Active Listening for Active Learning (QEd Publications), The Selective Mutism Resource Manual (Routledge), Worry Wheels Anxiety Set (Sense Toys) and Functional Language in the Classroom (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Why attend this course?

  • You recognise the imperative to fully understand, and appropriately manage selective mutism
  • You want to hear about strategies that work and to have resources to use straight away
  • You want to be able to share what you have learned with others after you leave the course, and have resources and handouts to support this
  • You want to  be reassured that the approaches you take are based on research evidence

Who is this course for?

This course is highly relevant for parents and carers, speech and language therapists, classroom teachers and assistants, AENCos, educational and clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals.

Course topics

Course topics for Module 1 (Week One) 16th and 17th March 2022, 09.30-12.45
• Profiling, diagnosis and assessment
• Creating stress-free environments
• Management approaches; the 24/7 approach

Course topics for Module 2 (Week One) 18th March 2022, 9.30-12.45
• Small-steps approaches and programmes for children aged 5 and above
• Guidance for troubleshooting and dealing with regression

Course topics for Module 3 (Week Two) 23rd March 2022, 9.30-1.00
• Additional considerations for adolescents and secondary school settings
• Indicators for a good outcome
• Issues of motivation, engagement and consent
• Practical and emotional support

Course topics for Module 4 (Week Two) 24th and 25th March 2022, 9.30-12.45
• Introduction to co-existing conditions and general principles for extended assessment
• Assessment and management of speech and language difficulties (including learning English as an additional language)
• Autism Spectrum Disorders: the question of dual diagnosis, assessment, diagnosis and management
• Mental Health Issues: implications and the possible involvement of CAMHS.
• Identification and management of other anxieties and phobias
• Behaviour issues and Medication
• Involving other professionals and agencies
• Case studies and case discussion


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Please Note: The above booking link will take you to our secure booking system where you can view more details and payment options.