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Speech Transcription Refresher Workshop

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Speech Transcription Refresher Workshop

What is this course?

Speech sound disorder is one of the most commonly encountered disorders on the case load of speech and language therapists. Transcription skills are central to the identification and analysis of children’s speech disorder, as well as setting therapy aims and tracking children’s progress in therapy.

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Start date Tuesday 2 November 2021

Time 1.00pm - 4.30pm

Location Online

Fee £60.00-£75.00

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Course presenter: Dr Sean Pert

Speech and Language Therapist and Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy at the University of Manchester.

Dr Pert is a speech and language therapist with more than 25 year’s experience in the NHS, Charity sector and Higher Education. He teaches on Clinical Education, Clinical Phonetics and Bilingualism at the University of Manchester teaches and has won the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation on an unprecedented three occasions, as well as The University of Manchester’s Making a Difference Award for Social Responsibility for Outstanding Contribution to Equality and Diversity.

Sean worked closely with Barbara Dodd and colleagues, collecting data on bilingual children for the Diagnostic Evaluation of Articualtion and Phonology (DEAP), and demonstrating that Dodd’s categories of speech disorder applied to all children, regardless of language spoken (Stow & Pert, 2006; Holm, Dodd, Stow & Pert, 1999 ). Sean has published two bilingual speech sound screens with Dr Carol Stow (Retired) (1998, 2006, in Press) and currently teaches Clinical Phonetics and Developmental Speech Disorders at the University of Manchester. Sean has written on service delivery, winning a service re-design award for reducing waiting lists in his role as a service manager by introducing group therapy and outcome-focused therapy care plans, challenging the ineffective 6-week block rationing model.

He was nominated for Most Inspiring Lecturer by his students.

Find out more about Dr Pert’s professional interests and activities:

Why attend this course?

The skill of live speech transcribing using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and Extended IPA are core to accurate assessment and diagnosis.

Who is this course for?

This refresher workshop is suitable for qualified speech and language therapists.

Course topics

This refresher workshop will look at the following key areas and skills:

  • Terminology refresher
  • Syllable and word structure, including word stress
  • Consonant production
    • Voice
    • Manner
    • Place
  • Vowel production
    • Cardinal vowels
    • English vowel system
  • Phonetics versus phonological errors
  • Transcribing single words
  • Suprasegmental features: Intonation
  • Transcribing connected speech
  • Key resources for self-directed study

The workshop will include:

  • Theory illustrated by practical transcription
  • Opportunities to practice transcription and check your own skills
  • Opportunities to take online quizzes

Please note that recorded children’s speech samples are not included due to confidentiality and current GDPR regulations.

What people are saying about this course

I liked the opportunity for conversation, meet and greet at the start.  Sean’s approachable attitude and willingness to answer any questions from the group.

I liked the detailed content immediately applicable to my clinical practice, e.g. updates on changes in transcription symbols and theory

I’m taking away need for greater consideration of cluster forms during transcription and target selection

Everything was fantastic about the course i.e the presentation/handouts/pace etc

The course served as a good reminder about the importance of using the correct structures for syllable/segments in transcribing.  The course also helped me recap on the importance of a thorough assessment in speech sound problems, including examining the vocal tract and distinguishing between Phonetic or Phonological areas, and what to transcribe to help with this i.e. always doing 2 attempts at confrontational word naming


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