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Tutor support with Course Beetle

Here at Course Beetle we know you’ll have some questions about how we might work together.

These are our most often asked questions with detailed answers. However, if there’s anything we haven’t covered here, please just get in touch and we’ll get back to you to address any specific queries you might have.

You say you look after the administration leaving the trainer to focus on delivery. What sorts of things do you do?
If we decide to put on a course in your locality, we will ask you to work with us in the selection and booking of a local venue, to ensure the facilities reach the necessary standard.

Beyond that, we look after advertising, taking and processing bookings, payments and communication with the delegates. If the course you are delivering is accredited we will look after all of the associated administration for this, including secure posting of certificates to learners etc.

What qualifications do I need to be able to deliver for Course Beetle?
You must be licenced to deliver approved training courses. Specialists who deliver our Masterclasses are all leading experts in their subject/s.

Will it cost me anything to sign up as a trainer through Course Beetle?
No – a portion of the course fee that our delegates and business customers pay for training goes towards our administration costs, with a more significant portion covering the tutor fee which we settle directly with you after you have delivered the course.

If I am interested in what Course Beetle could offer could I end up being locked into a contract I can’t get out of?
No – not at all. We do contract with our Trainers, but on an event-by-event basis.

I am employed by an organisation but would be interested delivering some training on a freelance basis. Can I do this?
Most of our Trainers are professionally active elsewhere. This is viewed as a positive. We contract with our Trainers on a freelance basis, and require that they take the necessary steps to declare their activities with HMRC and have public liability cover. It is the responsibility of the Trainer to check that their employment contract does not preclude them from delivering for us in any specific locality.

I have not long since gained my license to deliver training. I am excited about delivering a course. The help Course Beetle could give sounds great, but it is all the stuff about being self employed which scares me. Do you help with that side of things?
For some of our trainers, delivering for us represents a first foray into selfemployment. We understand the sorts of questions you will have, and can put you in touch with helpful, friendly advisors who can support you with this side of things.

What sort of courses do you deliver?
You can get a good idea of the types of courses we deliver by visiting our website. However a considerable amount of our bookings come from organisations who want a course delivered in-house. Unless the organisation wants us to offer out places to others, these activities won’t be visible online. Typically we begin by putting on public courses in your locality – which generally leads local organisations to make enquiries about pricing for a trainer to come and deliver to a staff group.

Delivering training to our customers at their own venue is a backbone of our business, and our Trainers derive a huge amount of satisfaction from building up relationships with local organisations.

I have already been approached by a local organisation who want training – but I am floundering about how much to charge, what is reasonable to pay myself and so on. Can you help with this?
We have a considerable amount of experience in dealing with exactly this sortof issue. We routinely progress this sort of enquiry to a solution where the client gets a great deal and the trainer is fairly remunerated for their work.

By introducing your client to us, we build a relationship with them and take care of all your administration and negotiating requirements, leaving you to concentrate on delivery of the course. We explain to the client that we look after your administration and we take things from there.

We have an excellent track record of helping organisations get the perfect deal for their needs, and we keep you in the loop every step of the way, matching your availability with the clients. Our Trainers feed back to us that being spared from the negotiations on prices, dates, and numbers is such a relief.

If I was interested, where would I start?
Get in touch with us and we will arrange a phone conversation and talk to you about your situation, interests and insights about the training you are interested in delivering with our support.

Our portfolio of training courses include Makaton and Elklan courses. Course Beetle is an approved CACHE Centre for the delivery of a range of accredited qualifications. We work in Partnership with The Communication Trust to enable learners to achieve the Level 3 Award Supporting Children and Young People’s Speech, Language and Communication via Platform 3 – making learning accessible to all.