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At Course Beetle the absolute priority is to deliver courses that are really helpful and beneficial for the people that attend. It is essential that people coming on the course feel encouraged, supported and inspired by the tutor – and that’s why we listen very closely to the feedback we receive about the training experience. Why not take a look at what recent participants have been saying about courses they have attended?

It is really important for any organisation that is investing in workforce training to be confident that they are (a) getting the best possible course for their needs (b) delegates are assured of the quality of the training (c) that all the arrangements will go according to plan and (d) that the training makes a real difference to quality standards. At Course Beetle we have confidence that we know how to get all of these elements right. Clients we work with agree. Have a look and see.

A repeating theme for us at Course Beetle is how excellent our Tutors are. We only use tutors who are fully qualified and licensed to deliver the courses we put on for our customers. We believe however that a large part of our success comes from the fact that our tutors love working for Course Beetle! The personal approach means everything to us – and this includes really looking after our tutors and making sure we do everything we possibly can to make sure that arrangements are water-tight and there is always someone available to encourage, support and advise. Don’t take our word for it. See what some of our tutors say.